Etsy Finds: Engagement Session & Wedding Props

I’ve decided to start a blog series on Etsy finds related to photography. I’m always scouting Etsy for crafty props, gifts, and ideas. I also like supporting fellow small business owners. The items I’m highlighting in my initial Etsy Finds post are items I’ve recently purchased to use in shoots. *Click on the images to view these Etsy vendors’ shops.

Speciality Hanger for Bridal Gown

One wedding trend is bride’s having speciality hangers made with the groom’s last name. There are weddings though where that hanger breaks or it wasn’t a necessary purchase. However, for the detail images of the dress, I prefer a nicer hanger than the plastic one that comes with the dress. To resolve this, I purchased this hanger during a Black Friday special on Etsy. The wiring spells out “The Dress” so it’s suitable for any couple’s wedding. I’ve already used this hanger in a late December wedding (the pic is below). I also bought a 5-pack of oak hangers from Target for $10 to have as backups. This speciality hanger was purchased from Etsy vendor BurlapBabe. *Click on the photo to visit BurlapBabe’s Etsy store.


Wedding Sign – Never Let Me Go

Handcrafted signs are another popular trend. When perusing options, I wanted to find a phrase less common and a sign that retained a rustic aesthetic that compliments many of the outdoor scapes I photograph in Charleston. This sign from TRUECONNECTION met my criteria and will hopefully arrive in the next few weeks. *Click on the image to visit TRUECONNECTION’s Etsy shop.


Burlap Wedding Banner

Banners are being used for e-sessions and weddings more often. Usually couples order speciality banners with the date of their wedding. Of course for my photography business, I need something more general or vague while retaining a visual uniqueness. My first banner purchase is from nhayesdesigns. *Click the pic to visit nhayesdesigns Etsy shop.


Paddle Props

Another handheld item that can be used for e-sessions and weddings are paddle props with phrases. A common paddle set to see is a “Bride” and “Groom” set. For now, I opted for something a little different. I also purchased this from nhayesdesigns. *Click the pic to visit nhayesdesigns Etsy store.


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