2012 Recap: Instagram

People have been quite irked with Instagram this week. The whole “I’m going to start owning your images and can sell them” thing was definitely a deal breaker. And like any fool who has jilted or angered a love, Instagram came to its senses and with some wilting roses in hand and empty promises to never steal our photos again, many of us have hesitantly taken it back.

Though a tumultuous relationship as of late, 2012 with Instagram has been fun. A new camera tool and an excuse to not always lug my several pound camera around, I’ve enjoyed a resurgence in the idea of “play” when creating an image. Sometimes we photographers get so bogged down with thinking about the image we’re constructing from lighting to composition that we don’t always take time to feel a moment or be a part of it. But we are. We are the historians weaving together a visual narrative of experience: our experiences, our communities’, friends’ and strangers’ alike.

Below are some of my favorite images I’ve taken through the Instagram app this year. Visit priscillathomas.com to view an online portfolio of work.

2012-09-07_1346977440 2012-12-08_13550056822012-10-08_1349663501 2012-11-26_1353949570 2012-09-10_1347283245 2012-06-14_1339632367 2012-05-12_13368368222012-07-26_1343312263 2012-07-26_1343313004 2012-10-08_13497276232012-07-17_13425669872012-06-07_13390881072012-07-04_13414379572012-07-05_13414537482012-10-07_13496425152012-06-04_1338770536 2012-05-28_13382383982012-10-08_1349663577 2012-10-08_1349663444 2012-05-26_1338073982


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