Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity – Yuma Mission

In late September, I flew out to Yuma, AZ, to spend several days with the Sisters to document their daily lives and their relationships with the community, their faith, and with one another. Along with photographing the Sisters at the convent, I also joined them at grade school and the high school where they either serve as teachers or administrative staff. I have to say it does make it easier to blend in when I’m about the same height as most of the students. There are a group of students who bus in from Mexico to attend school. The legal legwork and the sacrifices their parents make in order for their children to attend school in Yuma is immense. Though I wasn’t able to cross the border with the children, I was permitted to ride part of the bus route home. In the 5-minutes I rode the bus, I was amazed at how lively these children were especially since they had been awake since 4AM or 5AM. They sang songs, worked on homework, and played games.

I have previously photographed FSCC Missions in Bapchule, AZ, and Cambridge, OH. Though each Mission has similarities to the others, it is always a different set of experiences both personally and visually. This occasion I also stayed at the convent and joked that the Sisters and I were just having an extended slumber party. One thing about being a photographer and a journalist is there has to be a cultivation of trust and respect between myself and the people who let me into their lives. I always feel privileged when I’m welcomed to share in a person’s life and to be the one chosen to visually tell his or her story. Below are some images from my journey.







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