Cross to Bear

The intended theme of this road trip was to be religion and spirituality. However this venture fell during an extreme heat wave. So, driving through the Carolinas with the heat index around 110 degrees and no air conditioning in my car except for a bath towel and mini handheld fan quickly killed my drive to wander. It also meant that most people with any sense stayed indoors most of the day. Which left me with many landscapes and many closed door churches.

After going through the few images I did take, I was reminded of old travel postcards. Ones mixed with a sense of fade brought on by age and saturated yellows and greens. I went with this in mind while toning. Had I realized this aesthetic before hitting the road, I probably would have ventured with better intent and better results.

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One thought on “Cross to Bear

  1. Mike on said:

    Great picture Prisibida!

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