St. Peter Indian Mission

After 10 days of shooting followed by 5 weeks of magazine design, picture editing, image toning, writing articles, and video post production, I have finished my capstone course for the MA program in visual communication at OU. The class entailed developing a magazine from conception to publication. In addition, the class had to include another media platform. For this, I created an iBook for the iPad, but need to work out some kinks and adapt my design and image choices before I officially share that. However, I have posted the 3 video vignettes I produced that focus on key elements of the school.

I chose to revisit a publication idea I had during my undergraduate studies for a religion and culture publication. The majority of religious magazines are either geared for niche markets such as focusing on one tradition or denomination or they are academic publications whose audience is also marginal in comparison to the mass public.  Basically, I wanted a publication that was neither founded on a theological framework nor too academically dense.

What I do want is for people to think and to learn. To understand the diverse religions and cultures that are present in the U.S. We are neighbors; we are friends; we are all a part of this community; so, why not know one another a little better?

One difficulty was trying to choose a title. In undergrad, the one time publication was called Beyond Maya. In Hinduism and Buddhism, maya is a term used for illusion, it’s the idea that this world is illusory and we must seek more knowledge, more spiritual growth in order to see reality and the nature of things as they truly are.

I no longer thought this was a suitable title. Though I still love the concept and it’s symbolic meaning, I thought it could also be an isolating term to other people. In the end, I settled upon Pilgrim: Religion & Culture in the U.S. Every tradition has pilgrims. We are journeying the pilgrimage of life. And though this reminds some people of John Wayne or of the Protestant pilgrims of Thanksgiving, it is a word that embodies the themes I wanted this publication to focus on and is an inclusive name to various beliefs and spiritualities.

Below is the publication and the videos:

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