2nd Amendment

This is an updated edit of my final project for picture story. The assignment was to return to a previous story we worked on during the quarter and expand upon it with the inclusion of at least one form of multimedia (web, audio, video, etc.). I chose to do a video. Though I was content with some of the still images I had made earlier in the quarter while documenting the 2nd Amendment Club at OU, I felt the nature of gunfire and the camaraderie between the members may be conveyed better through video.

Like with any subject’s or person’s story I strive to tell, my intention and purpose is not to convince the viewer to feel or think a certain way. Regardless of what one’s political views are in regards to the 2nd Amendment or opinion on gun ownership, I only wanted this piece to focus on why this club exists, what activities it participates in, and why guns and shooting is an important element in these people’s lives. Concentrating on the issue, or any issue for that matter, as only a political dispute is an injustice to the complexities and personal narratives that are beyond the words and ideas that come to create the paradigms, stereotypes, and definitions that the masses seem to absorb and accept. An individual’s story is much more powerful than a statistic or concept alone.

If the video is not embedded properly, the link is http://vimeo.com/priscillathomas/hallowpoint

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