Good Works, Inc. 9th Annual Walk for the Homeless

Good Works 9th Annual Walk for the Homeless was today. There are several themed walks to choose from; so, after registration, I followed the group that walked to a nearby church to participate in a simulation to see what it would be like to be homeless. The simulation was a 3-day experiment. One day was equivalent to 15 minutes, and one night was 5 minutes. Each participant was given a packet with a back story and identity. Their day involved finding means of transportation, basic necessities, and finding a job. The social worker, food pantry, health clinic, and shelter had limited supplies or spaces to meet with people; so, often they were turned away. If the shelter reached max capacity, then they had to sleep outside. They couldn’t be given employment if they didn’t have ID, but couldn’t receive an ID if they didn’t have an address. Police were also on patrol to ensure no laws would be broken. If they were found loitering, soliciting, or in a prohibited area, then they’d be taken to jail. One woman jokingly assaulted the jailer in order to be arrested because she didn’t have a place to sleep. After the simulation, the group discussed what they learned and later joined other walkers for the rice and bean lunch to conclude the Walk.


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