Another Year

Usually, my birthdays are low key, and this year was no different, but I’m fortunate to know people that do little things to make it special. Most of the day was spent at the dealership working, but Sherri made me my annual blueberry cheesecake pie, Amy made cupcakes, and Paul did what he always does, eat other people’s food.

Another reason for a subdued celebration is the affliction upon my sinuses. It never fails that I get a sinus infection every winter, but I’d prefer to get it out of the way since I won’t be permitted to be sick for about six months once I”m back in Ohio. So, being on antibiotics, decongestants, and a head full of pressure makes me a bit incoherent. My brother made a nice dinner and bought an Oreo ice cream cake. The rest of the evening was spent playing Wii with Triell, Mike, Taylour, and Athena. Granted, we kicked Athena out after one game so we could trash talk in the lost art of vulgarity.

As a birthday present to myself, I purchased a Nikon Nikkor 24mm, f2.8 lens. Though I would love to have the f1.4 it’s outrageously expensive, but I’m enjoying a wide angle prime since I’ve been shooting with predominately a 50mm or 17-55mm since I’ve been home.


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