Excelling in Failing – The Volleyball Photo Chronicles

Nothing like going through a whole shoot and realizing all the poor judgement choices I could make in technical and creative facets of photography. Worst shoot. Worst grade thus far. I’m not a fan of shooting sports anyway, though I know I need to be versatile. So, if you’re shooting a particular sport for the first time ever, I don’t recommend doing such for an assignment that is going to be graded. ¬†Location: high school gym, horrid light, high ISO, almost to the max aperture, and shutter that still wasn’t quite enough to do complete stop motion…ugh. Oh, and why would I post in public bad photos? Because, I know I’m not perfect, and I likely already know the flaws and acknowledge them before anyone else puts their critical eye on them, but I also want to show how I analyze and find fault in a photograph. And my ego will hopefully never be so inflated to think I’m exempt from critique.


Positive: it’s in focus. Is it a moment? Not so much. I saw this photo in my volleyball shots and envisioned a thought bubble manifesting above the girl’s head. Not to mention the distracting foreground that doesn’t compliment or help frame what is in focus. Fail.

Focus looks okay. Action is weak. And this is actually a pre-game shot, so when on earth would that be a publishable image unless it was a great feature, which this is neither action nor feature. On top of that, the depth of field needs work. The background should be more blurred to not detract from the main subject. Oh, and white balance is definitely off on all of these…no contesting that.

Ohhhh, it’s a ball. Action was capture poorly because the shot stopped the action too soon. So, it makes it look like all the girls are utterly engrossed with the volleyball. Focus is alright. Some leading line play going on. Still…eh.

Focus and emotion: check. Poor framing, definitely. Can’t do a crop because I have no give room horizontally, which means if I do a vertical crop, only blondie will be in the image and that’s a heavy crop.


High School Volleyball

September 28, 2010


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