I’ve been in need of some introspective time. No tele or person to distract me. It is in isolation that the ideas come to fruition, flesh out in my imagination before the struggle of manifesting it in prose or image.

Sluggishly, I’m beginning the early stages of a series on the dark side of fairytales. I want the images to be a bit gothic, a bit Tim Burton-esque, slight underexposure with an enticing shock of isolated color and light. My first venture will include Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. This artistic project, however, involves greater dedication and preplanning. I am but at the wardrobe phase, and so much is left to pluck from the mind to make this a reality.

I want two series with Feminist themes (no surprise there). The first I originally called it the Abandoned Bride series, but then thought, no, that is not right, it is actually the Runaway Bride series. For this, I envision desaturated images, cliffs, beaches, vast plains, lands or waters of open space. Tattered dresses being torn from bodies, washing away in the ocean, left to hang on tree limbs, an identity shed, a future left to her own will. 

The second series I want to deal with Female Identity. This idea initially struck me when I saw an image of a pregnant woman under water, but her head was out of the frame, cut off so-to-speak. Though this wasn’t a favored image by the photographer, I adored it for my own skewed reasons. I thought what an intriguing portrayal of identity, and the odd fact that there is simultaneously an identity but not since the face of this woman is missing. And this is what I want, a series of faceless silhouettes who manage to tell the story of a person seen but also unseen. But to do this in a provocative way, I haven’t quite fleshed out.

Playing on an aspect of the Female Identity concept, I’ve been a bit obsessed with how other parts of the body reveal the nature of a person. Fingers, feet, stance, posture, and so on. I want an entire array of images that only reveal an isolated portion of a person’s body and how that alone can expose the soul of a person.

And my last photographic idea is Shadowplay. Typically, an eye is drawn to the lightest part of a photo, aka where the actual light hits. But I want to find a way to reverse that. To somehow make light the background and bring shadow to the foreground, perhaps by making light’s purpose change. By making it outline a shadow in a way that brings shadow to life, to form, to…something. This is another idea that remains a bit vague, more so in how to properly execute it. 

There are a handful of writing ideas as well. I may take back up my creative writing for a bit in order to potentially submit to a couple of contests coming up. But we’ll see. I’ve never done well dividing my creative energy, but perhaps a switch will offer unseen benefits. Besides, it is not my intention to choose either writing or photography. I want both. I just don’t want to be a jack of all trades but master of none.

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