In the Hour

At night, my brain just releases a multitude of thoughts. Ideas that just flood out like a deluge, just as sporadic in theme and coherence as rushing waters. It makes falling asleep a restless affair.

In the past hour…these have been my thoughts, actions, rests…

– Holiday adventure with Anna. Beginning plans for a spring trip to…haven’t gotten that far yet. But I’ve asked that it be narrowed down to France, Morocco, or Egypt. Paris may be the most cost effective at the moment, but I find Europe so subdued to me.

– How to acquire money for this trip. I’m realizing I’m not so good with finances anymore, and debt from college doesn’t seem to be diminishing like I’d hoped. So, I need to start living as if I have nothing. Basically, I’ll be eating a lot of yogurt and fried egg sandwiches in the near future. Unless photography starts bringing in more paying gigs, but those are sporadic and usually not scheduled far in advance. I get the “we decided to get married in three weeks and need a photographer” stuff since I’m still in process of establishing myself in the photography business.

– What can I sell? My new laptop is coming this week (it’s a gift, no I didn’t spend more money just after complaining about not having any and trust, it makes up for a handful of pretty bad Christmases). My desktop. My total gym (that obviously doesn’t get use). Mini fridge that I didn’t ask for but appeared in my bedroom one day. Old cameras that will get pennies since tech stuff depreciates at a rate worse than cars. Old laptop is nearing 6yrs old…just going to mail that to my sister and brother-in-law to have. A leather couch with chihuahua teething remnants on the armrests. What sucks about still being a relatively recent college grad is that I was poor then, and still poor now, and the stuff I have still isn’t worth crap. Hmm…my tv…could sell the tv.

– Reading. I’ve neglected this so much lately. I keep abreast with news through several internet sites, but as for books, fresh crisp pages, virgin to being thumbed through, this I miss. I need to designate one evening for reading only. No tele, no editing, no internet use…just me snuggled in bed with a good book. Mondays sound good, just not this Monday, ha.

– I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a short story within my blog. I’m still hesitant about putting creative ideas/writings in public domain, but this would strictly be for the blog and hopefully not the best thing to ever be written by this mind.


-Sleep…should probably do that soon since I’m waking up at 5am.

-Pancake. Poor Pancake.

-He’s a carpenter? Oh, well, Jesus was a carpenter; so, I guess it’s okay.

-Editing…over 500 images to still edit…I loathe editing.

-Read Postsecret and several friends blogs. Wrote several e-mails.

-I should blog. But about what? I have too many ideas and they sound like trivial dribble. India? I can never decide what to write next of India. Hey, I’ll write about my scattered jumbled brain that wants me to be sleep deprived tomorrow for work.


These are the thoughts of this past hour. This is how my brain works at night. Quite tiring, but how the mind won’t let me rest most nights. It awakens when the body needs to go coma. What a sadist my mind is, the torturous master to my being.

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